Welcome to Inside The Hex, this is the Obsessed Garage membership platform. So here's the concept, my idea was to create a platform for those of you who are really interested in the pursuit of this passion project that has become Obsessed Garage. This if for those of you who are really interested in it would want some more information on how I'm fumbling through building this business, discovering new products, hiring new people... I want to give you inside access, access that I'm not really open to sharing with the general public.

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When you become a member of the Obsessed Garage membership program called “INSIDE THE HEX” you'll get exclusive access to content that's uploaded nowhere else & get automatically applied discounts on most items in our store.
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With our Obsessed Garage HEX Plus membership most of our products in the store get an automatic 10% discount applied to your cart

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When you sign up for the Obsessed Garage HEX Plus membership you'll get free shipping to the lower 48 states on most items in the store

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Before signing up below If you don't have an account with us already make a customer account with Obsessed Garage. When registering for a new Obsessed Garage membership, the email address associated with your account on obsessedgarage.com must be the same email used to sign up for the membership. Having an account makes sure you gain the full benefits from your Inside The Hex membership & allows for easy membership management. Please take the time to read our FAQ here to see the **full benefits of the membership program.

**Cabinets, Sonic Tool Orders, Lifts, Air Compressors, Stainless Shelving, Boompoles, Majic Lifts are excluded from Hex Plus free shipping. Saber Cabinets, Nussbaum, Milwaukee, CR Spotless, ICS and BendPak are excluded from the Hex Plus discount.

Destination OG products are not a part of this program.

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