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If you're on this page you probably already know our whole story. This is your chance to tell us your story and why you want to be here at Obsessed Garage. We really encourage you fill out the "Tell Us Your Story" section and make a video for the extra credit section of our employment form! Applicants that do these two sections are often in the pool of applicants being considered for hiring.

If you happen to not know much about Obsessed Garage, here is some background. Obsessed Garage has become the leader in the curated garage & premiere deatiling products, providing solutions and products that were previously unavailable to us. We have several departments within the umbrella of Obsessed garage.

Design: Design is where we take our client’s obsession and turn it into reality. They bring their thoughts, ideas, photos, drawings, plans, and everything they’ve compiled about their garage and what it could be, and we help them conceptualize, plan, and draft their ultimate curated garage. Whether it’s a $200,000 full garage build that we help design from the ground up, or just helping someone with a cabinet array layout, we are committed to providing cutting-edge design. Design is also the think-tank for the garage and many of the solutions that we provide at Obsessed Garage. We are cultivating a group of people who are obsessed with the garage and with making sure each garage reaches its fullest potential.

The Studio: If you've seen our videos on Youtube or Instagram then it has been through this department. We only use the best equipment (Canon Cinema and RED Digital) to produce the digital content of Obsessed Garage.

Support: The Support department focuses on the customer experience. The support team fields all questions that customer's have on all the products we sell. You have a question, these guys have the answer. No one else on the planet is as knowledgeable about detailing, pressure washing, garage equipment or home products.

The Warehouse: The Warehouse is central to OG's operations. The warehouse team is responsible for getting our products to your doorstep as efficiently and safely as possible. This involves receiving and unloading all products delivered to our warehouse and inventorying them into our warehouse management software. Once a product is on the shelf, our experienced staff picks, packs, and ships your orders as promptly as they can. Our packages are packed with the greatest care ensuring your order arrives in great shape.

Product Development: The Product Development team is responsible for all of the products on the website. This team sees a product through every phase - from discovery, to testing, to launching and maintaining products on the website. This team consists of a diverse group of professionals ranging from engineers to photographers to graphic designers and content writers.

We are looking for the next member to come in and support the growth and vision of Obsessed Garage. Our positions are great for those with the drive to innovate and create something new! This is a high-energy environment that requires focus, problem-solving, time management. Most positions here at Obsessed Garage will require wearing a few different hats and collaborating with other departments for certain projects.