Garage Lighting Overview

The lighting system in the garage is pretty easy to use. This is something you'll want to pay attention to because I guess that a lot of you will want this in your garage at home. We're using a mix of CREE, SLG & Maxlite lights in the space to make the best-lit garage we've ever built.

Garage and Tool Usage

You're welcome to use everything in the garage; I only ask that you treat my garage as if it were your own. You'll have access to every tool you could ever need. I have a complete collection of Milwaukee tools available, accompanied by cabinets filled with Sonic Tools. If you get your car dirty while staying here, we have fully stocked the garage with every car detailing product you’ll need. If you want to paint correct your vehicle while you’re here, go for it. The Helen garage was remodeled entirely to showcase the vision of what I call being Obsessed.

Garage Pressure Washer Usage

I'll have a full OG Spec custom install available for you to use while you're staying here at Helen. I'm sure many of you have seen me use this system on video or you have one of our custom install systems yourself. If this is your first time using our custom install I suggest you watch the video to get the best use out of the system and understand its function.

Garage Car Lift Usage

While your stay at the house you're more than welcome to use the car lift. It's pretty easy to operate the Nussbaum lift. I'll have everything you need in the Sonic lockers to get your cars up in the air. I'm going to trust you to not smash your vehicle into the giant steel beam above it, you won't hurt the house but you will 100% destroy your car. Please watch the whole video on how to operate the lift before using it!

Air Compressor Usage

The Helen garage has a full Prevost, COXREEL, and Fiac silent rotary screw air compressor installed for your use. The garage will have three hose reels at your access that you can use to blow out polish pads, fill tires or use a pneumatic polisher if you would like. This is a pretty self-explanatory system. If you have any problems just let us know.

The Cayman GTS 4.0: How to Wash

I go through step by step how I wash a car, and how I expect those who borrow the car to maintain it. The purpose of this is to give an opportunity to those who stay at the house an opportunity to use all of the stuff, enjoy a wash on a dialed in car, in a dialed in garage. Pretty darn amazing if you ask me!

The Cayman GTS 4.0: How to Use

I show you how to use the car and how to store it. This your Ultimate Georgia Mountain Companion for conquering Georgia's mountains. Its powerful flat 6 4.0 engine provides the muscle needed to tackle steep inclines, while precise handling ensures confidence on winding roads. Its sleek design turns heads and enhances performance; the GTS offers a unique and comfortable mountain driving experience, making it the best choice for exploring Georgia's breathtaking landscapes.