Desk Setup and Usage

I have an entire desk setup in the house for those who want to sit down and get some work done. The desk has two USB-C cables to plug in your laptop and has full audio and video support from the ultrawide Dell monitor and Dynaudio speakers. If you prefer to sit or stand, the desk is a motorized L-desk from UpLift so that you can choose your desired working comfort.

EVO Grill Usage and Cleaning

I will walk you through the process of using the EVO flattop grill. You'll want to use the scraper I've supplied to clean the top; I find it best to scrape and clean the grill while it is still a little hot - don't have it on full heat. Think of the EVO grill like a giant cast iron skillet; don't ruin it with heavy cleaners. You don't want to get the EVO flattop perfectly clean with soap and detergent; doing so will remove any seasoning from the top. After you've scraped the grill top, you’ll want to scrub it with some avocado oil with the supplied abrasive pad for a final cleaning. Lastly, you’d wipe the excessive avocado oil from the top with toweling and then wipe the rest of the grill down with the cleaner provided.

Outdoor Kitchen Usage and Cleaning

Okay, this is my new favorite area of the property; this outdoor kitchen is equipped with Naturekast cabinets. These are the best outdoor cabinets in the market, this cabinet array will outlast you. Equipped with an Alfresco grill and EVO cooktop, they make some really good steaks and smash burgers! In this video, I will go over what you need to get you going and what you need to do when cleaning up. This kitchen is a functional and fully equipped cooking area that allows you to prepare, cook, and serve meals while enjoying the great outdoors, with plenty of seating for all your guests that stay at the home. After your first cookout, you will see why I love this section of the house!

Using The Pool and Hot Tub

The pool at Helen is pretty simple. The whole system is managed through a very simple wireless AquaLink Jandy remote system. Helen has a pool service that comes out every week to manage the pool and associated systems. The pool area does have a small kitchenette with a sink, cooler. Please remember the pool is heated, so make sure you do not leave the heater on all day. Be sure to watch the video where I go into greater detail about how the pool functions operate through the remote control system.

Game Room Usage and Overview

The game room in the basement is set up with a ping-pong table, arcade machines, kitchenette, eating area, and a TV with most streaming services already logged in for easy watching. Over time this room will evolve and have more fun stuff added to entertain yourself, family, and friends.

La Marzocco Linea Mini Usage

The perfect shot of expresso and latté happens with this high-end machine. Linea Mini features include dual boilers, an integrated group, a hot water spout, a thermal stability system, an internal pump, PID control, a water reservoir, connected app capability, and barista lights. It seems like a lot for an expresso machine, but we’re doing nothing less than a lot here at Destination OG.

Moccamaster Usage

Matt doesn’t drink coffee, but many of you who will experience this place do, which is why we wanted to have this iconic machine in the house. It perfectly synchronizes grind, brew time, and temperature to deliver world-class coffee in under six minutes. Expect an aromatic cup of full-bodied flavor no matter how much coffee you make.

Podium 1 Simulator

The Racing Sim is Here! Podium 1 stopped by to install the racing simulator at the house, and it's awesome! I couldn't be more thrilled about this new addition and can't wait to share it with you guys. The racing simulator is a top-notch immersive experience. Whether you're a seasoned racing enthusiast or a beginner, this simulator provides hours of entertainment. You, your family or friends can all take turns competing against each other, cheering, and having a blast. In this How-To, I go through all the ins and Outs of the Sim and how to enjoy it to its fullest potential! I promise you won't be disappointed!