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It's said that in order to become a master at something you must spend 10,000 hours at the craft to earn the title. The select few that can accomplish this lifetime task are the dedicated individuals we surround ourselves with. Not because they might think they're the best, it's because they have a passion, because they know dedication, because they chase perfection, because they're obsessed...


Ryan Burroughs from Auto Paint Guard shares with us the passion he has for his craft. Paint Protection Film is as popular today as regular coatings, so we dive into what makes Ryan tick and what all it entails


Michael Good shares with us his passion and story of his journey through PDR. A true master at his craft, Michael shares how he became an expert in correcting the metal on cars


Billy from Presidential Automotive Detailing comes by OGHQ to share with us his story of how he built his career as a professional detailer. His passion for cars paved the way for his pursuit of excellence in detailing
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