PCL ACCURA 1 Tire Inflator


While on a search for a nice tire inflator, I stumbled across PCL and their line of tire inflators. The one inflator that stood out to me was their ACCURA 1 digital inflator. The inflator has a digital readout that displays in PSI. The LCD has a pressure readout range of 0-174 psi. You will need to supply your own 1/4" NPT fitting (the fittings we sell are listed below) & your own air compressor hose (our selection of hoses we sell are also listed below).

You can buy this inflator in two different versions: the air chuck version which requires you to hold to chuck onto the valve stem or the new secure clip-on fitting which is at 90 degrees and swivels. I prefer the new clip-on version.

The inflation function works like this, hold down the lever to inflate the tire and let go to have the LCD screen display the current pressure. If you overinflate your tire you press the deflate button just below the screen to release air & wait a second for the screen to populate with the new pressure readout.

With the ACCURA 1, the biggest feature for me is that it's super accurate & and has a reading accuracy of 0.2 PSI. The ACCURA 1 is suitable for professional shops and home shops. The device has a rubber molded protector around the screen for protection in work environments, the cover also has convenient holes for hanging it on hooks for storage. Under the rubber protector, you see the battery compartment on the right side which holds a single CR2450 battery. I would pick up a few extra of these batteries so you have them on hand.

1/4" NPT Plugs:
Prevost 1/4" Euro High Flow Male Plug (Prevost Euro High Flow Coupler Required)
Prevost 1/4" Industrial (Standard) Male Plug (Prevost S1 Industrial Coupler Suggested)

Air Compressor Hoses:
Prevost 50' StoFlex / Airca Hose (3/8" Inlet to 1/4" Outlet)
Prevost 13' Spiral Hose (1/4" Inlet & Outlet)
Prevost 20' Spiral Hose (1/4" Inlet & Outlet)
Prevost 26' Spiral Hose (1/4" Inlet & Outlet)


  • Reduced Usage Times - driven by the simplicity of use and clear display
  • Guaranteed accuracy - individual testing
  • Robust electronic design
  • Ceramic sensor
  • 21" Hose
  • Clear and easy to read digital display
  • Modern, lightweight and shock resistant construction
  • Proprietary software increasing accuracy, fine metering and eliminating the chance of false readings
  • Direct valve design increasing inflation and deflation rates
  • Built in swivel and hanging device
  • Over-pressure warning if pressure exceeds 12 Bar / 174 PSI / 1200 kP
  • Long battery life (1 x CR2450)
  • Low battery warning light


  • Reading Accuracy: 0.01 Bar / 0.2 PSI
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 16 Bar / 232 PSI
  • Inflation Flow: 500 l/min / 13 cfm
  • Battery Type: 1 x CR2450 (supplied)