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Weatherproof Cabinetry

NatureKast Outdoor Cabinets

NatureKast Cabinets is the ultimate solution for your outdoor cabinetry and kitchen needs. Constructed from 100% weatherproof materials and a UV-protectant finish, you can be sure these will withstand the harshness of the outside elements. We love how these cabinets compliment the home’s exterior with their modern, natural look and finish. The emphasis on functionality and the timeless design combined with lasting durability make the NatureKast line of cabinets the absolute best in the business. 

What makes these cabinets desirable is their modularity, ease of installation, and ability to customize them for your specific layout. You’ll have access to a wide variety of colors and finishes, including a comprehensive selection of cabinetry to complete your space. We like to have versatility in the products we curate, so you’ll be able to use most appliances in your setup, which will be beneficial when creating your outdoor space. 

The overarching benefits of NatureKast cabinets separate them from the competition. Put plainly, they’re legit.

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Outdoor Kitchen Design

Start your journey to your dream outdoor kitchen.

The Outdoor Kitchen Design Process

Gather Information

After purchasing the Outdoor Kitchen Design Deposit, you will receive an email with instructions for sending us all the info we need to get the design process started.

Initial Communication

A design team member will reach out to confirm we have your request and to ask any further questions we may need answers to.


An initial design proposal will then be created and sent for you to review. This will consist of renders of the area, finish/color selection, and any appliances we offer that would work in your space.

Sign Off On Design

Adjustments to the design can be made through video calls or email communication.


When the design is completed, an invoice will be sent for the cabinets with a shipping estimate.


Once payments are received, production will begin. Lead times are about 8 weeks.

What To Expect

Design Service

Full custom design for your outdoor kitchen cabinets to meet your exact requirements with a 1-on-1 approach.

Premium NatureKast Cabinets

Premium NatureKast finishes that will outlast any weather condition.

Consistent Communication

Email, calls or video calls throughout the process will ensure your end goals are achieved and you receive the outdoor cabinets you need to build your space.

No Installation Services Offered

We do not offer installation services, but you can install the cabinets yourself or hire a professional.

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NatureKast Cabinets Design Deposit

NatureKast Cabinets Design Deposit

NatureKast Cabinets Design Deposit

Regular price $1,000.00
This Design Deposit is your entrance into outdoor kitchen design with Destination Obsessed Garage. Once purchased, we will reach out to you for more information and to start the process. The pre-tax amount will be applied towards the purchase of your outdoor kitchen.