How To Correctly Clean & Renew Your Microfiber Towels

 Microfiber Cleaning

Microfiber Care

Microfiber care is a big deal and a lot of people don’t do it correctly. You can definitely reuse all of your towels. The only towels we don’t recommend reusing are towels that you level a ceramic coating with. The ceramic coating will usually dry and crystallize on the towel and you don’t want to use that again. Just toss those when done. Everything else can be reused. Eventually the nice towels will become ratty and they can be relegated to dirty jobs.


As you can see on our site, we have a different towel for every use case Obsessed Garage Microfiber Towels. When using and caring for my towels, I like to separate them into two main groups: Paint Use, and Non-Paint Use. Basically any towels that I keep nice that touch the paint, be it a polish removal towel or drying towel or something else, I keep separate from my towels that are used for dirtier jobs. So towels for the wheels, doorjambs, interior, etc. never touch the paint. And I keep these towels separated into two different laundry baskets prior to washing and then wash them separately from each other.

When washing, there are a few things you need to pay attention to:

1. Only wash your microfiber towels with other microfiber. Never add these to a load of clothes or any other textiles. The microfibers will grab all the lint from cotton and become clogged up and never work right again.

2. Only use a microfiber cleaning solution like Rags To Riches that we sell on our store or a “free & clear” type detergent with no scents, dyes, or softeners.

3. DON’T use any softeners or dryer sheets in the washer or dryer! It will ruin your towels!


For drying, the main thing to stay away from is heat and dryer sheets. Microfiber is made mostly of Polyester and some Polyamide which in the most basic sense this is just plastic, and it will melt or lose functionality if heated to 140F or more. Only use LOW HEAT or NO HEAT when drying your towels. I also like to wash and dry my Non-Paint towels first just in case there is any left over lint or soap residue from the last load of clothes or such that wen through. A dedicated washer and dryer is ideal, but that’s not feasible for most people.


Storage for your towels is important as well. Because microfiber grabs and holds onto particles and debris, it's very important to try and keep them isolated from the rest of your garage or work space. If you have a nice cabinet like our Saber Cabinets to keep them in this is a great way to keep them from collecting dust and contaminates. A lot of people like to use sealed plastic containers like something from Rubbermaid or the like.