The Ultimate Corrosion and Rust Inhibitor - Bilt Hamber Atom-Mac


Tired of battling corrosion or rust on your vehicle's braking surfaces, and other vulnerable areas? Bilt Hamber Atom-Mac is our newest offering in the OG store to protect your vehicle from the destructive forces of rust and corrosion.

What is it?

Atom-Mac is more than just your average corrosion inhibitor. It's a powerful migratory and contact corrosion inhibitor designed to safeguard your vehicle against rust in open spaces and hollow voids. When diluted in water, it unleashes a potent arsenal of corrosion-fighting agents that form an invisible atomic shield, providing unparalleled protection for ferrous metals.

What can it protect?

It ensures corrosion protection wherever rust may rear its ugly head, from vehicle undersides to water-collecting voids, braking surfaces, suspension components, bicycles, garden equipment, and machinery.

How to use it?

Using Atom-Mac is a breeze. Simply dilute it from 2% to 5% in water and spray it onto the surfaces you want to protect. Whether you're safeguarding your car's rotors, suspension, or prized mountain bike.

Use Our PIR Calculator below:

OG Atom-Mac Calculator


Grab a Pressol if you don't already have one to house your diluted final product!

For brake discs and surfaces of your vehicle, spray on the rotor surface after washing your vehicle and let it dry. For motorcycles and bikes, use a slightly lower concentration of around 1-2% in water, while for cars with disc brakes, a 5% dilution is recommended. This is safe to use on painted surfaces, so if you have painted brake calipers, you won't face any issues.

Application Tips

For pressure washer application, aim for a 2% strength from the nozzle. This allows you to cover the entire underside of your vehicle, neutralizing road salt and emitting powerful corrosion inhibitors in the process. Its inhibitors continue to protect your vehicle while it's parked.

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