Bilt Hamber Trace-Less: The Super Wetting Glass Cleaner



Say goodbye to frustrating streaks and smudges with Trace-Less from Bilt Hamber! This cutting-edge super wetting formula ensures a pristine, streak-free shine every time. Now available at Obsessed Garage.


What is it?

Conventional glass cleaners typically incorporate non-evaporating surfactants, soaps for cleaning, as well as additives like glycols, scents, and dyes. Unfortunately, residues from these components often lead to persistent streaks and smudges after cleaning.

Bilt Hamber has revolutionized glass cleaning with Trace-Less, utilizing super-wetting surfactants that evaporate completely. Unlike standard cleaners, Trace-Less leaves no residue behind. Their formula ensures instant and thorough wetting of glass surfaces, promoting even application and reducing product runoff, even on vertical surfaces.


How to use it

Use on cool surfaces out of direct sunlight.

For exterior automotive glass and general glass cleaning:

  1. Atomize a fine mist on the surface and wipe off while still wet with a waffle weave microfiber or similar lint-free towel turned regularly – buff until dry.
  2. For maximum streak-free cleaning, reapply a very fine mist and wipe dry with a clean microfiber towel.
  • If the glass has stubborn sealant residue, embedded wiper film, hard water marks, or other stubborn bonded soil, polish first with high-quality polish.
  • For interior infotainment screens and to avoid overspray onto surrounding surfaces, spray directly onto waffle weave microfiber and wipe over the surface, turning the towel regularly.


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