The Best Wall Mounted Car Vacuum Cleaner For Your Garage

The Best Car Detailing Vacuum System for Garage

It’s not very often that I get excited about things, but our creation of the best car vacuum cleaner solution has been something I’ve wanted for a long time. I’m not someone who particularly cares for cleaning car interiors because I don’t enjoy doing it, likely because every solution out there wasn’t good, which made the process frustrating. Prior to setting out on this quest to find a vacuum solution I would want, there were specific requirements that had to be met. 1) It had to look good, 2) It had to have exceptional suction power, and 3) It had to be easy to install. If you’re in the market for a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner, I’m telling you, this is the one.

Right before the launch of our vacuum solutions, I put together my thoughts on video, sharing all the ins and outs of why I think it’s the best vacuum for car detailing and the most powerful car vacuum I’ve put my hands on for this specific application. There’s a part of me that’s a little selfish in saying that if I was going to put a stationary vacuum cleaner in my garage, it had to be a legit one. Well, I have it, and now you can have it, too!

Obsessed Garage Vacuum Attachments for Car Interior Cleaning

Why I Chose The Modern Day Central Vacuum

I want to be very clear here - I didn’t go out to the back of my house and build this thing myself. I do what I do best and leverage the genius of other companies, using their expertise to help me create what I think are viable solutions. My friends over at Modern Day Central Vacuums are one of the best, if not the best, in this sector. They’re a company out of California and have been providing quality vacuum systems since 1961. A company like this, with such a rich history and one that specializes in vacuums is exactly who I wanted to work with when developing this solution.

Here’s why I chose this vacuum system and why you want it in your garage or shop.

  1. Powerful Suction Capability: A Must-Have for Car Detailing. When detailing your car’s interior, a powerful car vacuum is absolutely necessary. Our vacuums come equipped with advanced suction technology that can efficiently remove debris, dust, and dirt from every surface inside your vehicle. This vacuum cleaner boasts a robust thru-flow motor, which is lightweight and smaller in design. A thru-flow motor allows for enhanced cooling, powerful suction, reduced clogging, quieter operation, and energy efficiency. What I care most about is its powerful suction power and it being quieter. The life expectancy of this motor is 15+ years. You can use this vacuum for different tasks, but you’ll most likely be using it to detail your car’s interior, so there’s no need to be concerned about the life expectancy of the motor; it will work great for a long time.

  2. Volume (dB). Keeping the noise levels down in my garage is very important to me. I have a massive air compressor, a pressure washer system, and now a vacuum solution in this space; having an enjoyable experience using these different pieces of equipment includes keeping the volume down as much as possible. One of the reasons I chose the Modern Day Vacuum System is how amazingly quiet it is. Don’t believe that all canister-style vacuums are the same; they’re not. There’s a big misconception that you can get any canister vacuum and it will deliver the same level of sound - NO! I’ve tested quite a few of them and they all distributed different volume levels. The first time I turned our vacuum on, I was fascinated by how quiet it was; I had Mike (our jack-of-all-trades handyman) place the muffler on the outside of the building to deaden the sound a little more. I’m going to emphasize the word “little” - I probably quieted this thing an extra 2%. This is not something you’ll have to do; I’m just always looking for ways to improve things to my liking, even if it’s only a minor improvement. You’ll be fine having the muffler inside your garage/shop. It’s so nice having a vacuum that’s silent enough that you can talk to someone standing right next to you without yelling.

  3. Accessories. This was a BIG deal and project for us. We spent countless hours searching for the best accessories we could find for our vacuum solution. Let me be the first to tell you it wasn’t easy. Our 1½” hose was the best option compared to the others I tested because it didn’t whistle. The whistling sound usually happens when a high-frequency vacuum blows air through a hose with the wrong diameter size. The 50’ hose we have in our solutions pairs perfectly. We also have sourced and include a handle (to be used with the telescopic wand and floor tool), telescopic wand, floor tool, mini hand turbine, round dusting brush, multi-use flat tool, flexible crevice tool (22” long), crevice tool (8” long), and a crevice brush. You can see I wanted every attachment I thought made sense for dialing in your car’s interior.

  4. Easy Maintenance and Cleaning: Hassle-Free Experience. Our vacuum not only excels in cleaning efficiency but also user-friendly maintenance. I can’t tell you how simple it is to maintain this thing. You hook our vacuum bag up to one of the inlets (there are two) located at the top of the canister and done. When it’s full, you’d simply take the bag out and dump it and put a new bag in. You may occasionally want to grab some kind of cleaning solution to wipe the inside and outside down. I’ll probably just use Invisible Glass and a microfiber towel to keep mine looking clean.

  5. Vacuum bag. The first iteration of bags we received from our supplier wasn’t rated for 140+ CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute - airflow volume). Because of this, the air and all the dirt was blowing through the back of the bag. You don’t want to see dirt and debris inside your vacuum canister. So, I had them redesign the bag and now we’ve eliminated that problem. We now have a stout bag that can handle the high airflow power from the vacuum without creating a mess.

On Wall Vacuum Cleaner for Car Detailing

When it comes to setting up a garage for car detailing, selecting the right equipment is crucial. Our vacuum system offers powerful and efficient performance and the added advantage of a whisper-quiet operation. With its silent power, our system creates a peaceful and comfortable working environment. The amount of work my team and I have put into getting us all to this obsessed level of cleaning is nothing short of amazing. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

We have lots more stuff coming down the pipeline; this is just the beginning of a full suite of products I plan to carry for our vacuum solutions.

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