Wolf's Nano Trim Coat


Honestly, I really did not want to go through the trouble to bring this into the US from Hungary, but after a few years of trying out other glass and trim products, I can't live without this stuff.  So I headed down the path to bring it into the US.  Import duties and a pretty insane shipping cost is a large reason that I'm asking more for the product than you'll find on the Wolf's website.  I'm telling you the extra few bucks this will cost you is worth every penny.

Here is the deal with this product.  Neither the Glass or the Trim stuff is life-changing, so don't expect water shooting off the surface or some insane transformative properties.  It's just plain good.

Here is the stuff that I think matters:

  • I don't exactly know how long it lasts.  I reapply once every 6 months or so. 
  • This provides a subtle, satin look to your trim and rubber.  It will last a lot longer than using something like PERL.
  • I use it on all rubber and plastic with the exception of the tires.
  • Works well as a topper for Solution Finish Trim Restorer.  You'd use Solution Finish first to fix faded/older trim before applying this.

 Here is how I apply it:

  1. Clean all trim using an All Purpose Cleaner during the wash or decon process.
  2. Wipe down trim with 91% IPA and a paper towel.
  3. Apply to trim using CarPro Suede Applicator.
  4. Gently Wipe using Microfiber All Purpose Towel to level it.
  5. I generally apply 2 coats about 10 minutes apart.

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