Whole Bean Coffee

Whole Bean Coffee
Whole Bean Coffee

Whole Bean Coffee

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Matt will never drink this coffee, but you can. The OG crew spent a lot of time working with Luke at Coffeehaus to figure out the best coffee to offer. After taste testing about 30 different kinds, we narrowed it down to these two to offer initially. All of our coffee is ethically sourced and roasted in the heart of Detroit. If you appreciate good coffee, then we're sure you'll love either of these. Comes in 8-ounce bags. 

  • OG Blend - This is a custom blend made for Obsessed Garage by Coffeehaus consisting of 36% Brazilian and 64% Guatemalan, which makes it perfect for everything from drip coffee to a french press. It features notes of Brown Sugar, Dark Cacao with a deep cherry finish.

  • Single Origin - If you're looking for a serious pick-me-up that's crisp, malty, and refreshing, then this is the coffee for you. It comes all the way from Nariño, Columbia. We'd recommend this for espresso and pour-overs.

8oz Coffee Bag

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