Twin Busch Low Rise Scissor Lift - 6600 lbs TW S3-10E


The batch of 10 lifts we ordered are now officially sold out. At this time we don’t know when or IF we are getting more of the S3-10E Low Rise Lifts back in stock. We’re currently in talks with some other lift manufacturers to see if any others make more sense for us and can provide an “obsessed” product.

I've had two life-long garage dreams.  One being a super legit air compressor and the other is a lift, specifically a scissor lift.  Despite how it may seem on the Obsessed Garage YouTube channel, this pursuit of the things I'm sharing hasn't happened overnight. I get a lot of questions why I don't have something.  For example, "Why don't you have a Quick Jack?"  Generally I'd rather wait and attempt to do it right rather than to do things half way.  I've found that even with hours and hours of research and careful planning, there is an eventual leap of faith that has to happen. 

I've chosen this lift for a few reasons.

  • Cost:  This lift reminds me a lot of Saber Cabinets.  Is this the best lift in world?  The answer is no.  But the balance of price to quality is very high.  The result is beyond acceptable to me.
  • Support:  The guys at Twin Busch pick up the phone.  That was a big factor because I had a feeling despite all this research, the install was going to require some help.

The install process is rather straightforward, but I would highly suggest you watch the videos below.  The German translated directions have a lot of stuff either lost in translation or lack the explanation you would need if you've never done this before.

Here are some things to note:

  1. The Low Rise TW S3-10E does not require an external air compressor to activate the lock release. This is a self contained system with the control box. 
  2. These come with 7" long concrete anchors.  You may want to get some shorter ones.  5/8" is the size and masonry drill bit you will want.
  3. Watch the videos below that summarize how to install and all the pitfalls.

Lifting capacity 6600 lbs.
Lifting height max. 39.37 in. + Rubber pad
Drive on height 4.33 in.
Lifting, lowering time (approx.) 20/20 sec.
Power supply 110V
Motor power 3 hp
Fusing 16 A
Weight (approx.) 1102 lbs.