Toolbox Giveaway Entry

Toolbox Giveaway Entry

Toolbox Giveaway Entry

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This is your way to enter the Toolbox Giveaway. Every dollar you spend is equal to one entry, with a minimum of $5 spent (or 5 entries).

Entries are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

You won’t receive anything in the mail, but as a thank you for participating, you'll get an email with a discount code for one month free of the Hex Lite Inside the Hex Membership. The Inside the Hex Membership gives you access to behind-the-scenes content and gives you a glimpse of what makes Obsessed Garage, Obsessed Garage. 

There will also be some exclusive wallpapers for you to enjoy. 

For more information, visit our Giveaway Page. Good luck!

- Giveaway Entries
- Discount Code for 1 Month Free of The Hex Lite Inside the Hex Membership
- Link to exclusive wallpapers

This is a digital entry. You will not be getting anything in the mail for your purchase.

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