Sonic Tools S14 + Tools 600-PCS

Sonic Tools S14 + Tools 600-PCS

Sonic Tools S14 + Tools 600-PCS

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The S14 toolbox features a wooden countertop, can holder, trash can, document holder and paper roll holder. The S14 has 18 drawers operated by ball bearing slides. The toolbox has a powder coated exterior only available in black. The S14 toolbox houses small, medium, large foam inlay sizes.

The 600-piece metric kit is designed specifically for the S12XD, S14 or S15 toolbox. The kit consists of 30 small foam inlays filling five drawers, covering essential 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" ratchet and socket needs, screwdrivers and hooks, grip key sets, hex and TX key sets, 1/2" impact sockets, protective wheel sockets, six styles of wrenches, chisels, hammers, pliers and more.

Tool Sets Included:
Hook Set, 8-PCS - SMALL
Screwdriver Set, 8-PCS - SMALL
Screwdriver TX Set, 8-PCS - SMALL
Bit Socket Set 1/4", 102-PCS - SMALL
Combo Set 3/8", 14-PCS - SMALL
Deep Socket Set 3/8", 23-PCS - SMALL
Bit Socket Set 3/8", 30-PCS - SMALL
Bit Socket Set 3/8", 80-PCS - SMALL
Accessory Set 1/2", 9-PCS - SMALL
Impact Deep Socket Set 1/2", 16-PCS - SMALL
Deep Socket Set 1/2", 20-PCS - SMALL
Bit Socket Set 1/2", 56-PCS - SMALL
Wrench Set, 12-PCS - SMALL
Combo Wrench Set, 19-PCS - SMALL
Reversible Ratcheting Open Wrench Set, 19-PCS - SMALL
Bit Socket Set 1/2", 21-PCS - SMALL
Socket and Bit Socket Set 1/2", 22-PCS - SMALL
Hammer Set, 3-PCS - SMALL
Flare Nut Wrench Set, 10-PCS - SMALL
Wrench Set, 30-PCS - SMALL
File Set, 6-PCS - SMALL
Plier & Tool Set, 7-PCS - SMALL
Gripped Chisel & Punch Set, 12-PCS - SMALL
Oil Filter Set, 22-PCS - SMALL
Hinged Socket Wrench Set, 7-PCS - SMALL
Combo Wrench Set, 7-PCS - SMALL
Plier Set, 8-PCS - SMALL
Hex ball grip key Set, 7-PCS - SMALL
T-Handle TX Key Wrench Set, 7-PCS - SMALL
Socket Screwdriver Hex Set, 7-PCS - SMALL

    • 18 drawers
      • 8 shallow drawers 29.5 x 22.5 x 2.6 in
        • 8 shallow drawers 14.6 x 22.5 x 2.6 in
          • 1 deep drawer 29.5 x 22.5 x 5.7 in
            • 1 deep drawer 14.6 x 22.5 x 5.7 in
              • Drawer release system, no mechanism in the handle
                • Fully 100% retractable drawers
                  • 2x can holder
                    • Paper roll holder
                      • Auto return ball bearing slides
                        • 4x extra large wheels 4.9 in. (ø155mm), whereof 2x caster with rolling and turning brake

                        These will drop-ship from the Auburn, AL warehouse. Depending on where you live, prepare to add about 25% of the cost of the cabinets/boxes in shipping. $4000 in cabinets/boxes will cost around $1000 to ship.  Rather than building shipping into the price and leaving a fudge factor for different parts of the country, I think it's smarter to simply quote you the price it costs with no markup.

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