Twin Busch Set of 4 Ramps for the TW S3-10E


We're having a hard time getting ramps from Twin Busch, please email to be put on an email list for when we can start supplying ramps again.


Ramp set for the TW S3-10E consisting of 4 fixing plates and 4 ramps.

Ideal for racing cars, super sports cars and tuning- / show vehicles. With this set of ramps, the drive on height is reduced from 4.33 in., to approx. 2.16 in.

Easy removal: It is possible to unhook it within a few seconds, it does not have to be fixed.

  • 1A Quality workmanship
  • Produced according to ISO 9001
  • 2 Stage drive on height from only 2.16 in.
  • 4 fixing plates to reduce slipping
  • 4 removable ramps
  • Ramp Measurements: 33.46 in. (L) x 18.11 in. (B) x 2.16 in. (H)
  • Easy to remove in a few seconds
  • No need to be fixed