ScanGrip SPS Battery 8Ah


SPS Battery - 8Ah

SCANGRIP has taken advantage of new, high performance battery technologies and invented an innovative concept of flexible and reliable power supply. 

The SPS Battery 8Ah is part of this unique, patented concept that we call SPS SCANGRIP POWER SOLUTION.

With the innovative SPS system you will never experience being completely without light and left in total darkness. No matter how limited your access is to power supply the SPS ensures that you always have the necessary light to carry out your job. 

SPS provides complete freedom, flexibility, and maximum work efficiency.


  • DUAL SYSTEM 2in1 with exchangeable battery pack – use both rechargeable with battery or with power supply from the battery charger mounted directly to the lamp
  • Integrated backup battery functionality – up to 1h use with 1000 lumen without battery or cable
  • IP67 – waterproof to be used in a tough environment.