RUPES Rotary Foam Polishing Pads


I don't have a lot of experience with these, but I do think they are a viable addition to your polishing arsenal.  These pads are designed to maximize the movement of the BigFoot LH19E Rotary Polisher.

RUPES BigFoot Rotary Yellow Fine Foam Pads remove moderate-to-light paint defects and produce a high-gloss finish. The unique and proprietary open-cell foam technology provides rotational stability and manages heat buildup associated with rotary action.

    These come in 1 type and 3 different sizes. These are sold individually as a quantity of 1.


    • Ultra Fine (Yellow):  I would use these for finishing.


      • 5.25" Pad = Fits 5" backing plate, 5.25" face.
      • 6.25" Pad = Fits 6" backing plate, 6.25" face.
      • 7" Pad = Fits 6.5" backing plate, 7" face.

        These pads are designed to be used specifically on rotary polishers (RUPES LH19E).