RUPES Gear Driven Foam Polishing Pads


I don't have a lot of experience with these, but I do think they are a viable addition to your polishing arsenal.  We all know different paints react differently to different processes and products.  It makes perfect sense to me that you would need a thinner pad for use on a force rotation/gear driven machine like the Mille.

    These come in 3 types and 2 different sizes. 


    • Blue (Coarse):  These are used with a compound for cutting.
    • Fine (Yellow):  These are bit more flexible than the white pads.  They can be used be used both for finishing or for 1-step polishing. 
    • Ultra Fine (Yellow):  I would use these for finishing.


      • 5" Pad = Fits 5" backing plate with 5.5" face.
      • 6" Pad = Fits 6" backing plate, 6.5" face.

        These pads are designed to be used specifically on forced rotation random orbitals (RUPES Mille).