Quick Disconnect Package for Original Kranzle Gun and Wands

This is the package you need if you want to connect you Kranzle pressures OEM wands and gun with quick disconnects.  No one makes stainless steel versions of these, so we are stuck with basic brass or zinc plated.

You have two options in the drop down before you add to your cart:

  1. If you have my full pressure washer package with Mosmatic or MTM gun/wand, and you just want to be able to use the original Kranzle gun and wands, you need the 4 piece kit.
  2. If you only have the Kranzle pressure washer only, you need the 5 piece kit.

Here is what is included:

  • 4 Piece Kit
    • 1 Male M22 to 3/8" Coupler - One for end of the Kranzle Gun
    • 3 Female M22 to Male 3/8" Plugs - One for the inlet to the Kranzle Gun and one for each wand inlet.
  • 5 Piece Kit
    • This adds 1 more Male M22 to 3/8" Coupler for the end of the Kranzle hose.

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