PF22 Quick Disconnect Package


This is a custom fabricated item and can be very hard to keep in stock since they are such a niche product. This product will go in and out of stock until we can ramp up production. We'll try to keep you updated with where we are on this one, but this page will be your best source for info if you see this as out of stock: 


This is something that I've been wanting to make for a while and now it finally exists. My good friend Rusty reached out to me about creating some custom quick disconnects for the PF22 Foam Cannon and this is the end result. They're machined out of aluminum and then anodized in blue. The best part is it comes with a cap so you can cap off the foam cannon bottle.

Let's get the price conversation out of the way, these aren't cheap and are made in small batches. However they're made here in the US and the quality is just amazing. You'll use it once and realize it's worth every penny. 

Package Contents:

  • Bottle Coupler
  • Foam Cannon Plug
  • Bottle Plug Cap