Paint Protection Package

SKU: DP060002
Paint Protection Package
Paint Protection Package

Paint Protection Package

SKU: DP060002
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Our paint protection packages have all my favorite chemicals and application tools to make your car’s paint shiny and slick. Whether you like the complete finish a ceramic coating offers or the simplicity of car wax, you’ll be happy with all we offer in both packages. 

You’ll see below in the “What You Get” section everything that comes in both packages. The coating package is the obvious more expensive option because of CSL and EXO. I am fond of the look wax offers, which is why I’m still selling it in the store, but I’ve fallen for the look, protection, and hydrophobic properties of a ceramic coating.

Wax Package:
- x1 Jescar Power Lock Plus Polymer Paint Sealant (16oz)
- x1 Collinite 845 Liquid Wax (16oz)
- x1 Obsessed Garage Drying Aid (32oz)
- x10 Wax & Sealant Removal Towel 3.0
- x2 Adam's Wax/Sealant Hex Grip Applicator Pad (one yellow pad and one red pad)

Coating Package:
- x1 Drying Aid (32oz)
- x1 EXO v5
- x1 Crystal Serum Light
- x1 Wolf's Nano Glass Sealant
- x2 CARPRO Foam Applicator Block
- x3 CARPRO Foam Suede Microfiber Applicator (5 Pack)
- x10 Coating Removal Towel 3.0
- x10 Wax & Sealant Removal Towel 3.0

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