Package I: Interior

Stoner Invisible Glass 32oz bottles are currently on order but we have no ETA. Hopefully we’ll have more in the next couple weeks.


I've been working on figuring out this package for a while. I'll be honest, I hate doing interior cleaning, but with the right products, it makes it much easier to get through. This package comes in three different variants, aimed at those with different types of interiors. You will also have the option of adding 10 interior towels and 10 waffle weave glass cleaning towels. This package will have everything you need to clean your entire interior fabrics/leathers as well as your glass. 

The two Adam's applicator blocks come with all the "Interior Cleaner" options. If you only select Sonax Alcantara cleaner you'll get 2 blocks, if you just select just Swissvax you'll still get two blocks, if you get both Sonax & Swissvax you get 2 blocks. 

Included in this package:

  • P&S Xpress Interior Cleaner 32oz & Gallon
  • Colourlock or Swissvax Brush:  These are both made by Colourlock.  It will depend on availability. 
  • QTY 2 - Invisible Glass 32oz
  • AngelWax Vision 16oz
  • AngelWax Eden
  • AngelWax Bliss
  • Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool
  • Invisible Glass Bonnet 3 Pack

Optional Add-ons: 

  • Sonax Alcantara & Upholstery Cleaner 250ml
  • Swissvax Leather Cleaner 250ml
  • Swissvax Leather Milk 250ml
  • 2 Adam's Dressing Applicators (included with all "Interior Cleaner" options besides "None")
  • 10 Interior Towels & 10 Waffle Weave Glass Cleaning Towels