A5: Optimum Car (Spray) Wax


There are lots of drying aid choices on the market.  I like the idea of adding a fresh layer of wax after a wash to provide some additional protection on top of whatever you've got on the paint already.  Wax generally doesn't do well if you have a coating, but this should look great with something like Collinite 845, most Polymer Sealants and, certainly Carnauba.  You'll just have to try it and see.  

This is what I think is important:

  • Yes you can use wax as a drying aid.
  • The look you get after application is better than any other product I've used as a drying aid.  Griot's Spray Wax and Meguiar's D156 have always been my go-to products.  This is much better (smells amazing too).
  • As far as I know, this is the only Spray Wax or drying aid that incorporates UV protection.  This is a pretty chemically unique formulation.
  • I only offer this by the bottle for now. 
  • In general, spray waxes require a bit more care to apply than something like Hydrate, but I think it's worth the effort.  You just don't want to soak the whole car down with the product.  You want to do one section at a time to make sure it doesn't dry.
  • While drying after a wash, I use to spot remove stubborn bugs.

    Here is how I use it:

    1. Blow the car off with a leaf blower.
    2. Spray directly on damp or wet paint.  Again, whether you use this as a drying aid or as a wax, I would strongly suggest you spray one panel or section at a time. 
    3. I use 2 of my Edgeless Drying Towels at a time, one in each hand.  Essentially the first is the towels that spreads it.  Follow with 2nd towel to remove remaining product.

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