MTM PF22 Foam Cannon


This is the improvement over the original MTM foam cannon.  I think it's worth the upgrade.  The bottle and adjustability on the fly are much improved.  I have both and always grab this one.

As of 07/11/18:  MTM made an adjustment to foam cannon kit.  It now includes a 1.1mm orifice in the box. The foam cannon comes with the standard 1.25mm installed.  You want to use the standard 1.25mm with a Kranzle and most gas pressure washers.  The smaller 1.1mm should be used with the lower flowing/less expensive electric pressure washer like the SunJoe, AR, Greenworks, Ryobi, etc.  I would strongly suggest you don't attempt to use the 1.1mm orifice on any Kranzle.  1.25mm is already working the pump pretty hard on those much higher flowing machines.

I open the box on every foam cannon that comes from me and swap the crappy zinc plug with a stainless one.  It is the standard 1/4" size.  I no longer install them to make it easier to swap the orifice.  They will be included in the bag with the 1.1mm orifice.

Here is how I use mine:

  • Add 4-5 oz. Adam's Car Shampoo.
  • Fill with water, by holding submerged in rinse bucket.
  • Remove 20" Mosmatic Wand from quick disconnect on Mosmatic HP Spray Gun.
  • Attach 1/4" Plug/Foam Cannon to Mosmatic HP Spray Gun quick disconnect.
  • Foam the Car.

Warranty Information:
MTM offers a 60 day warranty for any possible defects with their products. Info about their warranty can be found Here.


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