Sonic Tools MSS+ 720 Series Drawer Cabinet, 8 Drawers


I've decided to start offering the MSS+ line of cabinets from Sonic Tools. These are their highest end cabinet solution and are designed and imported by Sonic Tools.  

Contact me at if you need design help.

The MSS+ line of cabinets are the top of the line offering from Sonic Tools & they are only available via "Contact For Pricing". 

These cabinets do not come with a top, even if it shows a top in the picture. You must purchase a top separately.

Cabinet Specifications:
Cabinet dimensions: 720mm wide, 650mm deep, 1005mm high.
    6x standard low drawers. Load capacity 123kg
    • Outer dims W 612mm x D 633mm x H 77mm: Inner dims W 577mm x D 578mm x H 67mm

    1x standard high drawer. Load capacity 230kg
    • Outer dims W 612mm x D 633mm x H 160mm: Inner dims W 577mm x D 578mm x H 145mm

    1x standard high drawer including power bar. Load capacity 230kg
    • Outer dims W 612mm x D 633mm x H 160mm: Inner dims W 577mm x D 523mm x H 145mm

    Weight: 291 lbs
          Things You Should Care About
          • Adjustable feet
          • High quality durable powder coating finish
          • Drawers 100% retractable
          • Full height drawer sidewall
          • Ball-bearing slides with unique ball cage design, made in The Netherlands
          • Slides contain heavy duty stop, pull function and fall safety system
          • Ergonomic handle in extruded/anodized black aluminum
          • Front centralized dial safety-lock, made in Germany
          • Standard color RAL 7016
          • Heavy duty 1.4mm steel construction
          • All high drawers include ventilation slots
          • Bottom high drawer includes standard power bar, 2x USB and 4x 220V
          • Top drawer is equipped with integral writing desk system
          • 10 year warranty


            They will drop-ship from the Auburn, AL warehouse. Depending on where you live, prepare to add about 25% of the cost of the cabinets in shipping. $4000 in cabinets will cost around $1000 to ship.

            ***Keep in mind that percentage-wise, shipping costs are much higher when shipping just a cabinet or two. It may end up costing as much as the cabinet.***

            • If you know what you want, contact us for a quote on MSS+ cabinets.

            Pricing and Discounts

            I know everyone expects a discount. The quoted price on these are priced correctly, and there is no room to negotiate.  

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