Mosmatic High Pressure Sprayer w/ Built In Swivel

Obsessed Garage

06/16/18:  178 Guns and Wands arrived at Mosmatic on Friday.  They are being packed and will be in transit to me in as my parents are moving to FL on the 25th.  This is going to be tricky as we make the transition to shipping at OGHQ, so please be patient with me.  We don't have any 1/4" QDs anyway.  I've called and bought every single one I can find in the US.  I don't know what's going on, but everyone is out of stock.  I'm working on it.

One of the issues with using quick disconnects(QD) is the extra bulk they add to the high pressure hose to spray gun connection.  In order to keep the hose from binding under pressure, I've found that a swivel is needed.  The bulk of the QD/swivel combo forced me to test many different combinations to come to this solution.

This Mosmatic spray gun has an amazing stainless steel built in swivel that eliminates the need to add a separate connection.  I know this is expensive, but it is the best on the market.

You have buying options:

  • Spray Gun Only
  • Added Quick Disconnects to connect to your pressure washer hose.
    • 1/4" MTM Stainless Male Coupler
    • 3/8" MTM Stainless Male Plug
    • 3/8" MTM Stainless Female Coupler
    • M22 to 3/8" MTM Twist and Plug
  • Added Adapter if you have a pressure washer hose the is M22 15mm instead of the normal 14mm standard connection

    *Wand, Nozzle, and other QDs sold separately.

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