A6: Kenotek Showroom Shine

It's hard to explain this stuff.  It's very unique.  It even smells like nothing else.  I guess it's a quick detailer, but you can use it on pretty much anything.  

I know it may seem a bit odd that I use 2 different drying aids when washing a car, but I really like this specifically for door, underhood, gas cap, and trunk area jambs. 

Here is the reason why.  If you get overspray on windows, plastic trim, or rubber it doesn't leave any residue and doesn't streak.  It wipes directly off.  Also, its anti-static properties tend to help keep these dirty areas of the car from accumulating dirt in the future.  It seems to add a bit more lubrication (more waterless wash like) when dealing in all the cracks and channels of the jambs.

    Here is how I use it:

    1. Blow the car off with a leaf blower.
    2. I deal with the jambs after the exterior has been dried with Optimum Car Wax.
    3. Spray directly on the area/paint.  
    4. Dry using the Door Jamb/Trunk/Underhood towel.

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