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Grit Guard
Grit Guard
Grit Guard
Grit Guard

Grit Guard

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Set it and Forget it

One accessory that’s good to add to your car wash buckets is the Grit Guards. Think of these as a set-it-and-forget-it type of product. 

The idea here is to keep dirt at the bottom of your bucket. What can happen when dunking your wash mitt into water is the potential of carrying that dirt in the mitt and back to the surface of your paint. This will result in the marring and scratching of your paint. 

There are many grit guard knock-offs out there but this is definitely the best one. The ones that I have in my buckets are holding strong and do the job they were designed to do. I carry them in blue, red, and black to match our different bucket versions. The buckets I carry in my store are 6-gallon and these fit extremely well inside of them. I would say that they fit about a full grit guard or 2” higher from the bottom of the bucket. They fit most 3.5 to 7-gallon buckets as well.


  • Place Grit Guard inside of the bucket 
  • Push Grit Guard down until it sits firmly at the bottom of your bucket


Grit Guard

  • Easy to install
  • Very sturdy 
  • Traps dirt in the bottom of the bucket and prevents it from transferring back to the paint
  • Fits most 12" diameter buckets

Grit Guard
- x1 Grit Guard (unless you order more)
These are going to be placed inside of my 6 Gallon Buckets. I have a total of three. One for Wash, one for Rinse, and one for my Wheels.

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