Garage Design Service

SKU: GDS-2500
Garage Design Service

Garage Design Service

SKU: GDS-2500
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The garage is the anchor of the home for people like us. It's the main focus and our sanctuary. You're here because you recognize that the garage deserves the same amount of attention (or more!) than the kitchen or any other area of your home. We have some of the most knowledgeable people in the world on our team who are ready to help you realize the garage of your dreams, whether that's a simple attached 2-car garage, a 40x60 working shop out back, or a giant car storage and detailing facility of the future.

Our Garage Design Service includes consultation and one-on-one access with our team to help plan and dial in the layout and specifications of your garage in relation to our products and solutions. We'll design the interior space and layout of your garage to best suit your needs and the solutions that we offer. We're not architects, but we can certainly work with you and your contractors and architects along the way.

- Up to 20 hours of design and consultation work
- One-on-one video calls with our designers
- Fully Rendered Design Proposals
- Technical Drawings and Plans
- Custom Invoices
- Dedicated Support

If your design reaches 20 hours (larger and more complex shops certainly can go past that mark), we will charge by the hour at a rate of $150/hr.

For very large and complex projects, please reach out to our team for a custom quote for your particular project.

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