D4: Meguiar's Microfiber Cutting Pads

I've been using these pads for a long time.  When they stopped making the 3" version for about 6 months, I started to explore some other offerings, but I have always preferred the Meguiar's.  Maybe the reason I like them so much is just familiarity, but there is no doubt these are really good.  I've learned how most paints react to these with various polishes.  Most commonly I will use this pad with Jescar Correction Compound.  Meguiar's also makes Heavy Cut and Finishing microfiber polishing pads.  I've never found a need for those.  I only use this version that is called Cutting microfiber.
A couple of things to note when using:
  1. Microfiber, by design and make-up, grabs things and holds onto them.  You'll want to have some kind of air source to blow out the pads often when using with a polish.
  2. I generally only get these out of the cabinet when I am going to get more aggressive.  So I would typically use when I have scratches that won't come out with foam and a milder polish.  Use with Jescar Correction Compound, Meguiar's M105/M100/M101, Scholl's S3 Gold, etc.
  3. I think it is important to prime these by spreading polish onto each fiber prior to use.

These come in 3 sizes and only come in 2 Packs.  I think you will want at least 6 of each size.  I have 12 of each in my cabinet.  All slightly oversized on their respective backing plate sizes.  This offers a degree of safety when approaching edges and curves.

  • 3" is 3.25"
  • 5" is 5.5"
  • 6" is 6.25"

I clean them in the sink using Optimum APC after every use.  If you take care of them, they generally last a long time.  Don't wash with anything that leaves a residue behind that could affect the paint next time you polish.  Dawn leaves something behind on the pads, so it is recommended you don't use that.  I also rarely get them washed right after a day of polishing, so there is no rush to get most water based polishes washed out.