Complete MTM Non-Swiveling Sprayer & Wand Solution


4/25/19: Our big order of Mosmatic wands did not arrive as expected. We expect delivery sometime during the week of May 6. If you place an order that includes a Mosmatic wand, there will be a delay in shipping your order until we receive all necessary parts of your order. Click here for more updates on items that may affect the shipping of your order. 

This package includes everything you need to wash your car except the pressure washer.  I am putting together the following:

  • MTM SG-28 Spray gun
  • Mosmatic Stainless Steel 20" Bent Wand w/ Rubber Nozzle Protector
  • All MTM Stainless Steel Quick Disconnects
  • MTM Brass M22 to 3/8" Adapter to connect to your pressure washer hose outlet
  • MTM 4.0 Orifice 40 Degree Spray Nozzle
  • Option to Add Updated MTM PF-22 Foam Cannon Kit that comes w/ MTM Stainless Plug and both standard 1.25mm orifice and smaller 1.1mm orifice for lower flowing pressure washers.

This will be shipped with all quick disconnects teflon taped and installed.  The only thing you will need to do is connect the M22 adapter to your pressure washer hose outlet.  

*This works with most pressure washer hoses, but you may need to check the outlet size to get the proper adapter. 


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