CarPro DLUX + Gliss V2 Combo

CarPro Dlux + Gliss V2 Combo
Hydrophobic Coating for Wheels
CarPro Dlux Wheel Coating
CarPro DLUX + Gliss V2 Combo
CarPro Gliss Wheel Top Coating
CarPro DLUX + Gliss V2 Combo

CarPro DLUX + Gliss V2 Combo

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A big part of improving your shopping experience with us is making packages. This DLUX + Gliss V2 combo is something that we put together since most of you are buying them both a la carte. It makes sense to sell them as a bundle, similar to what we’ve done for the CSL and EXO package

I’ve been using the same wheel coating process for a while. I’d prep my wheels using a polish and oil remover and then coat them with CSL/EXO. Now, I’ve made the switch over to Dlux and Gliss. My guys here convinced me that this was the better way to coat my wheels, and they were right. 

If you’re looking for a wheel coating that will last a while (longer than our flagship paint coatings), then this is the combo you want to have in your arsenal.

- x1 CarPro Dlux Wheel & Plastic Coating
- x1 CarPro Gliss V2 Coating

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