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09/14/18: We had some leftover product in the barrels - these will not be signed in order to maintain the "integrity" of the Signature Edition quantities. 

09/03/18:  The second batch sold out in about an hour.  I'm working on actual labels next week and will have real, viable stock of this product in 6-8 weeks. 

Take note:  The bottles I'm sending this in are just a vessel for me to get it to you.  I thought it might be fun to call it a "Signature Edition," since this is the first time I'll be putting something into a bottle myself.  The label is printed on my inkjet printer at home.  If you want the label to stay nice, don't get the soap on it.  It's not going to last, and I'm not equipped to be sending new labels.  Bottling is the most difficult part that I need more time to continue to dial in.

When I first started sharing my detailing process on Rennlist in 2014, there was a guy that sent me his listing of preferred products to compare to what I was using.  At that time I was simply adding some Adam's APC to Adam's Shampoo to aid in stripping the wax, sealant, or junk on top of whatever coating you have.  He was adamant about trying Chemical Guys "Citrus Red."  I bought a 16oz bottle and loved it.  

CG discontinued Citrus Wash several years ago.  After quite a few calls and emails, I got to someone in Wholesale sales that was nice enough to work with me.  They were making small batches to provide us with the solution.  I figured I'd get the call at some point that they were no longer going to make it for me.  That day came.  They provided me with one last run that I got in 55 gallon drums.  Now I just have to figure out how to get it into bottles.

I've sourced some quality 32oz and 1 gallon bottles and found caps that work.  Next up will be to figure out labels and better caps.  I'm calling this the "Signature Edition" because I literally printed, hand pumped, and signed each one myself.  I think it will be cool for all of us to look back some day and laugh at how this all got started.

Some thoughts:

  • This isn't pH Balanced, so I make sure not to let it dry on the paint.
    • This is a solvent based soap and is designed to strip and break down dirt, waxes, and sealants.  Use only if you want to strip the paint of waxes and sealants.
    • This does extremely well in a foam cannon and in your bucket.

    I use this soap like so.  

      1. Rinse the car.
      2. Fill up your "Rinse" bucket.
      3. I add 150ml/5oz to my PF-22 foam cannon and then fill the rest of the way with water in your "Rinse" bucket.
      4. Foam the car.  By proxy, I end up leaving the foam sit and run off the paint while I prep my "Wash" bucket.  I do not rinse the foam off the car. I want it sitting there to break down the wax.
      5. Add about 2oz of soap to your wash pad.  I use Microfiber Madness Incredipad XL.
      6. Fill Wash Bucket that has your wash pad and soap with water.
      7. Wash the car using as little pressure as possible on the wash pad.
      8. Rinse to prepare for next step in the Decon process, Iron X.                   (I always rinse with Deionzed Water.)

      ***Note international shipping is not available for chemicals yet.***

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