AR Blue Clean Ultimate Accessory Package


You can now build your own custom solution.
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If you are purchasing this package, be sure to select the model AR Blue Clean pressure washer you currently have.  (The pressure washer is not included in this package.)

After extensive testing this is what I would use to make an AR Blue Clean function at its best.  This package is designed to completely replace the hose, gun, wand, and nozzles that came with your pressure washer. 

Here's the deal.  

It's no secret that I'm not a big fan of entry level pressure washers.  The most common question I get is,  "What do I need to connect and improve my XYZ pressure washer?"  I've gotten this question so much that is has lead me to take on a project bigger than I ever have.  I bought every single pressure washer offered by the 5 major brands and have run them through various tests, figured out how to improve them, and am now offering a full product line of supporting products to make them function at their best.

You have two options here.  See the bullet points below for what can connect on these pressure washers.  Some of their fittings are proprietary and can't be adapted.

  • AR 112S, AR 111S, AR 240S, AR 383, AR 383S, AR 383SS, AR 2N1: We are good to go on this one. 
  • AR 390SS: This package doesn't work with this pressure washer.

 A couple of things to note:

  1. I AM NOT SELLING THESE PRESSURE WASHERS.  Honestly, I don't want to deal with warranty claims and issues these lower quality machines will present.  I am confident in the accessories that I'm offering here.  The guns/wands/foam cannons will likely be used as you upgrade in the future.
  2. I CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ISSUES YOU ENCOUNTER.  This is just like modifying your car.  Altering the performance of a pump may shorten its life.  Foam Cannons are particularly intensive for pumps.
  3. Note:  QUICK DISCONNECTS DON'T HAVE A PUBLISHED WARRANTY.  These are wear and tear items.  All QDs are available a la carte here.  I would recommend having some back-ups for when they wear out.

Package Contents:  See Configurator above to build and price a custom version.

  • 6.5' Inlet Hose
  • Two Pairs of Brass Garden Hose Quick Disconnects
  • 50' Kobrajet Hose with Quick Disconnects (Stainless Couplers/Zinc Plated M22 15MM Adapter)
  • 4 Pack (0, 15, 25, 40 Degree) of Appropriately Sized Nozzles
  • Mosmatic Gun/Mosmatic 20" Wand/QDs
  • MTM PF-22 w/ 1.1mm Orifice and Stainless Plug Installed