Angelwax Clarity

Angelwax Clarity
Angelwax Clarity
Angelwax Clarity

Angelwax Clarity

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I've been using AngelWax in my vehicles since I tested a lot of different Angelwax products back in 2019. Clarity is a great solution for a washer fluid and it can be diluted all the way to 19:1 for summer use (which is mostly all year for us here in Florida). If you live in colder environments, you'll need to use a different dilution ratio that's shown on the back of the bottle. Clarity can also be used as a de-icer when used with a sprayer. AngelWax Clarity washer fluid should be used with a windshield glass coating like Wolf's Glass Sealant.

Dilution Ratios:
19:1 Summer Use
9:1 Autumn/Spring Use
4:1 Winter (-15 Fahrenheit)
1:1 Severe Winter (-25 Fahrenheit)

Angelwax Clarity comes in one size: 1 liter.

1 bottle of Angelwax Clarity

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