B6: Adam's Tire & Rubber Cleaner

This product isn't life changing, but it's the best tire cleaning product I've tested.  At least it's the best for what I'm looking to accomplish.  I want to get my tires clean, but I don't feel the need to strip them completely.  Shine Supply Wise Guy is a more aggressive product and could certainly be diluted, but I just like this stuff more.  I think it sits nicely between Griot's Rubber Cleaner and Wise Guy from an aggression standpoint.
Here is how I use it:
  • I do tires after my wheels (Don't ask me why, I just do.)
  • Hit the tires with pressure washer to wet them more.
  • Spray on the tire liberally.
  • Since I use this every time I wash the car, outside of a rinseless, I don't let it sit.  I immediately agitate.  But you could let sit if needed.
  • Agitate using Tuf Shine Tire Brush.
  • Rinse with pressure washer.

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