Saber 2 Door Base Cabinet

Saber Base Cabinet
Saber 2 Door Base Cabinet
Saber 2 Door Base Cabinet
Saber 2 Door Base Cabinet

Saber 2 Door Base Cabinet

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These are the cabinets that I had in my wash bay and the garage at my previous house.  I have installed them in countless garages, and I continue to marvel how great they are in comparison to alternatives.  They eliminate the fluff and features we don't need.  This cuts costs and allocates the resources to the parts that matter. 

Cheaper alternatives like the popular New Age or Gladiator are not in the same league.  At about 1/4th the cost, these compete in quality with Moduline, Lista, and Sonic. Unless you have an unlimited budget, I'm telling you these are the cabinets to get.  The quality versus price is off the charts. 

This is a pretty standard 2 door base cabinet, I use it in my current wash bay setup in conjunction with a regular base cabinet. You would choose this instead of the 4 or 6 drawer cabinet if you're looking to store larger items in the cabinet or use them together to create the base for the tabletop. It has an adjustable middle shelf as well.  You could also cut the cabinet to install a sink if that is something you wanted. 


Width             29.53"    

Height            31.50"    

Depth             23.62"

  • Ships Welded and Assembled
  • 1 Adjustable Shelf
  • Super Durable Gloss Powder Coated Finish
  • 18 Gauge Steel
  • Full-Length Aluminum Handles
  • 6-Way Adjustable Hinges
  • Includes interior pull-out shelf with adjustable height

    x1 - Saber 2 Door Base Cabinet in either Silver, Black, Blue, or Red.

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