The Story

In mid 2011 my wife decided to “retire” from teaching to raise our son. That meant I didn’t need to be commuting 40 miles each way to my office any longer. Since this was 2010-11 we had gotten killed on our home in West Orlando, we were going to need to rent for a while. The home we rented happened to have a two car with a golf cart bay. Somehow I figured out how to squeeze three cars into the garage. This is the only video I have of that garage left. Please excuse the cuteness and partial nudity.

I learned a few things from the previous garage. First, I needed a TV. Secondly, I wanted a much cleaner look. I had shelves, and Rubbermaid Fastrack on one wall rather than both sides of the garage. I was also able to ditch the lawn equipment because yard maintenance was included in my rent. That year and half set a new precedent for me. “No more cutting grass!” I never thought I would pay someone to cut my grass until I didn’t have to cut it any longer. I’m scarred for life. My little guy loved that garage. We spent some serious quality time together out there. Sadly this was the last photo of the AP2 S2000. It got sold the next day.

The Garage