The Story

While we were renting/saving, we started working on plans to build a new home. This is where I really started to figure things out. I stepped up my level of research as I now had to dump my ideas onto paper through an architect. I had decided to make a blog to chronicle and share my thoughts and experiences. I still have plans to build a garage similar to this one. It’s just a question of whether I do it through an offsite garage, “condo,” attached to my current house, or part of a new home. Only time will tell.

As you can see, this was a lot of garage in comparison to the house. I love the ideas of a Porte Cochere to wash cars, Versa Lift into the attic, Transome Windows, etc. We just weren’t in the position in life to be able to afford a home like this. The walls kept moving out and the price kept going up. What good is an oversized four car garage with no cars to put in it. Maybe someday…

The Plans