The Story

I bought my house purely for the potential to build my dream garage. It had this really nice pole barn with an attached room the previous owners used for RV storage and as a shed. I decided to make it something I had always dreamed of having: a large, covered, enclosed area where I could wash my cars day and night. Well…my vision has become a reality better than I could have dreamed.

The Build

God willing, it won’t be long, so I’ve actually started putting pen to paper to organize my thoughts.

View the Farewell Tour of the “Temporary Garage” video here.

This past year, I’ve come to the realization that it is not the cars that are the anchor of my obsession. Since I’m not interested in being a “track-rat” or having grease all over the floor, I’ve had to come to grips that the cars are just a by-product of my passion for what is The Garage.

The general theme of this project could be the use of the word “sterile.” Well lit, super clean, highly organized, and overly simple with ample tools and great tech are my primary goals. My vision for this sanctuary is in my head, but I would say it’s blurry. I intend to dump down what I know on this thread and reason out the rest as I work through design.

For the construction of this, I have a very simple vision that includes a myriad of complex issues and careful planning. I wish to take you on this journey with me, and my hope is that you will add your input and share your thoughts as I progress.

Here is the short story.

  • Started Blogging my Ownership Experience of My Carrera S & M3
  • Got a GT3
  • Built What I Call “The Temporary Garage”
  • Started a YouTube Channel
  • Designed a Website to Dump What is in My Head onto the Net
  • Found Our Dream Home that Doesn’t Have a Garage but Plenty of Room to Build One
  • Sold My Old House at the 11th Hour and Moved Into the New One in May

Now that you’re up-to-date let’s start talking about the new project. Until construction starts, (fingers crossed sometime late ’16), I intend to share the design process. I figure I can’t explain to a builder what I want unless I have a solid grasp on what that is, so I bought Home Designer software. If you haven’t used this software, I’d highly recommend it. I messed around with Sketch-Up and some other software, but found it too difficult to navigate without spending tons of time learning how to use them. Someone suggested on my first video about the new garage that I get the Home Designer Suite. I bought the $99 version, and it’s been great to work with. I’d highly recommend it.

Purchase the Home Designer Suite software here.

My initial ideas were to save cost and add onto the current pole barn. I also had grand plans to wash inside the garage. If you care to see the evolution of my thought process, these videos below explain it.

I decided after getting a quote for about $300,000, that adding onto the existing barn wasn’t a good choice. It’s not what I really wanted anyway, so I decided to build a car compound instead. This is the survey of my 5.67 acres and where the house is placed on the property.

I’m not a “barn” kind of guy, but this thing it pretty sweet. At some point, we will probably change the color of the house, but for now the yellow is going to stay. Here is what it looks like with the cars and trailer in it.

See episode 5 of the Wash Bay Project here.

I finally found a plumber that gets what I’m doing here.

I got the drywall in, walls and ceiling painted, so now it’s time to do the flooring install. I’m a simple guy, so gray and black suit me. I’ll most likely be painting the exterior of the pole barn at the same time as the main garage when it’s done, so this sterile vibe will look a little less out of place.

See episode 6 of the Wash Bay Project here – Swisstrax Flooring Install.

Swisstrax is pretty awesome stuff. I’ve never been a fan of any kind of flooring outside of polished concrete, but this stuff has changed my opinion. It always looks clean. All the dirt and crap fall underneath and is invisible. Leaves get trapped in the first few tiles rather than blowing all the way to the back.

The gray tiles are Ribtrax, The black are Rubber Ribtrax.

I’ll have a ton more photos of the finished product once I get my lighting done.

I have done trim work before in my first house. I bought a Dewalt saw and some material, and got to work. For some reason the saw wasn’t cutting straight 45s, but I got the job done and cleaned up with some latex caulk.

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