Welcome to Obsessed Garage Support!

Be sure to check out the product descriptions and videos for any of the products you have questions about. Many times, the answers you need can be found in the descriptions. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort getting the descriptions dialed in, so please give them a read before you reach out. Going into the future we still plan on making the descriptions even better! The idea is to provide the best info possible so that you won’t even need to send an email in the first place.

Kyle, Jeff, and Tommy are responsible for all orders, questions, technical support, order issues, and garage design. They can handle anything you need and should be your main point of contact for inquiries on Cabinets, Flooring, Lighting, Pressure Washers, Detailing, Troubleshooting, etc. Please use one of the following links to shoot them a message. If you need to contact Matt select the "Contact Matt" link below. Contacting Matt doesn't move you "up the list" in getting help, chances are it will take longer for you to get an answer as Matt is always busy doing something crazy or there's a good chance your message will be forwarded to the support team. Don't remove the additional CC from the "Contact Matt" email link.

Please be sure to email from the same email you use for all your orders in our store. 

If you were hoping to stop by while in town or if you are local, we are currently closed to walk in customers. It's a bummer that we have to do this, but we're trying to do our best during this crazy time. If you want to pick up an order, send us an email by clicking on the "Order Change/Cancellation Requests" link below and we'll get you taken care of. 

Have A Question?

Please select one of the predetermined email subjects below so we can assist you faster. These will open your preferred email client with a populated subject field.

Garage Design
Click here for help with items like flooring, lighting, cabinet setups, etc. Be sure to send photos, floor plans, dimensions, etc. so we can help you with the design.

Pressure Washer Help
Click here if you need help setting up your pressure washer or need help figuring out what to buy. Include photos or videos if you’re having trouble, or if you have a specific connection you’re trying to complete.

Detailing Help
Click here if you have questions about coatings, toppers, microfiber towels, or anything else, reach out and we’ll get you straightened out. But really, Bead Maker is pretty much always the answer.

Website Help
Click here if the site is doing weird things with the cart, or if your Hex Plus discount isn’t applying right, let us know. For Hex Plus, be sure to check the Membership FAQ first. 

Order Change/Cancellation Requests
Click here if you need to change or cancel your order, email us here immediately and include your order number.

Contact Matt
Click here to get ahold of Matt directly. If you need help with anything that is covered in the above links, don’t email Matt because he’s just going to forward it to Support.

Shipping and Returns Help
Click here to go to the Shipping and Returns Page since we needed a full page on the site for that. You’ll be able to get in touch with Aaron who handles any issues/concerns regarding shipping or fulfillment. 


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