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This is Garage Design by Obsessed Garage; OG Design we call it.

For us, the garage is the anchor of the home. You enter and exit the home through it.

The garage is your sanctuary, the place to escape from the world.

It should be treated as an extension of the home and like any other part of the house.

Products and solutions are our focus. We design around these items to create unbelieveable interior spaces, from pressure washers, cabinets, storage, flooring, lifts, compressed air, audio, tools, vacuums, and more.

All that's left for you to do is reach out below.

We Design The Garage Of Your Dreams

Have a complex design? Or a simple one? We can help either way.

Bring "Your Space" To Life

For most of us, the garage is the centerpiece of the home. Don't neglect it.

Any Garage, Any Size, Anywhere

We offer solutions for garages of any size and will work with clients anywhere in the world.

Let Us Work With Your Architect

Got a new build? Get us involved with the architect early on and we take care of the rest.

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  • We offer basic consultation, simple design for smaller garages, complex design for larger spaces, or can even work with your and your architect through a multi-year process if that's what you need. Reach out via the link below and we'll have a quick conversation to match you up with the right service for you.

  • You can work with Kyle and the design team through the entire design process from the initial video call, through revisions, to the finalized design.

  • We can provide Design Proposals, which are your visual reference for what your space will look like with all our awesome solutions. These are rich with 3D views of the space and highlights on the products selected. You're going to be shocked after looking at these renders during the planning phase and then seeing your finished garage in person when complete. It's crazy how accurate it can be!

  • When the design is finished we can provide a full Technical Drawing PDF. This shows all the dimensions and locations of the products, electrical and plumbing related to those products, and any other technical aspect relating to the products.

  • With the design and deliverables completed, you'll work with our invoicing team to build a game plan for ordering all the products and solutions. We'll help you manage ETA's, order timing, and make sure you have all the pieces and parts and information that you need.

  • Don't feel like you have to purchase all at once. Most projects end up being completed in stages based on the needs of the project or construction. We'll work with you on that in the game plan stage.

  • Once orders are placed, our fulfillment team will be in contact to let you know about freight deliveries and what you need to expect. Most of these larger products ship on pallets via freight.

  • We can work with you and your installers to provide the info you need to ensure an OG Spec installation. We don't provide any on-site installation ourselves and we don't have a network of installers at this time.

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Here's what you need to have prepared for us so that we have the information we need to dial in your space:

• If an existing structure, photos that provide wide overviews of entire walls.

• Full architecture plans or construction documents if possible. PDF format is preferred.

• If no plans, a napkin sketch or drawing with accurate dimensions of each wall. Check out this video on how to measure your space: How to Properly Measure Your Garage - Garage Design Tutorial

• Provide dimensions of all doors, windows, heights, ceiling height, bump outs, alcoves, etc. The more information we have the better.

Explore what your garage can become.

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