Kyle Henderson is responsible for all orders and the main contact for inquiries into orders on Cabinets, Flooring, Lighting, Kranzle pumps, and CR Spotless. You'll want to direct most of your questions to him:


The best way to contact me is via email. I check it all day, every day:

We now have a physical location and are there most days.  Shoot us an email to make sure we are there if you plan to stop by.

322 Oak Street
Lady Lake, FL 32159


When I started sharing the ownership experience of my cars, I made a decision to create very specific and detailed content. is place to organize and gather it all together. What products am I using and why, the cars I own, hope to own, the modifications to them, and the building and improving of my garage will all be documented with a level of detail like no other place in the world.

Whether it's a video on the YouTube channel, an episode on the Dialed In PodCast, or a product in this store; you can rest assured it will all be will be OBSESSED!

This store is a place for me to offer to you what I'm using in my garage.  I started this business in the Spring of 2016 about an hour Northwest of Orlando, FL.  The online shop went live on Sunday, June 12th with a few T-shirts, but the store really started rolling in mid January 2017 with the launch of the Complete Kranzle Pressure Washing Solution.