SunJoe MTM Swiveling Sprayer/Wand/Foam Cannon Upgrade


This package includes everything you need to wash your car except the pressure washer.  This SGS-28 was manufactured to my specifications in Italy with the help of Veloci Performance, the US representatives for MTM.  Full stainless internals and a linear pull trigger.  

I am putting together the following:

  • MTM SGS-28 Spray gun
  • Mosmatic Stainless Steel 20" Bent Wand w/ Rubber Nozzle Protector
  • All Stainless Steel Quick Disconnects
  • Brass M22 to 3/8" Adapter to connect to your pressure washer hose outlet
  • 4 Pack of Properly Sized Nozzles for your SUNJOE pressure washer.
  • Extra 1/4" and 3/8" o-rings.
  • Option to Add MTM PF-22 Foam Cannon Kit that upgrade with a stainless plug and 1.1mm orifice installed for these lower flowing SunJoe pressure washers.  We still include the 1.25mm orifice in the box.

This will be shipped with all quick disconnects teflon taped and installed.  The only thing you will need to do is connect the M22 adapter to your pressure washer hose outlet.  

    See the bullet points below for what can connect on these pressure washers.  Some of their fittings are proprietary and can't be adapted.
      • SPX202E, SPX1000, SPX2000, SPX2500, SPX2598:  You can't connect an aftermarket gun to SunJoe supplied hose.  The connection is proprietary.  You must buy a new Kobrajet hose.
      • SPX1500:  This one has all proprietary connections.  You can't adapt anything to it.
      • SPX3000, SPX3200, SPX4000, SPX3500, SPX3000MAX, SPX3001, SPX4001, SPX3501:  This will work on the supplied SunJoe hose.  It includes an M22 15mm adapter.

    This will be shipped with all quick disconnects teflon taped and installed.  Remember, some of these will need a new hose.  

    Note:  QUICK DISCONNECTS DON'T HAVE A PUBLISHED WARRANTY.  These are wear and tear items.  All QDs are available a la carte here.  I would recommend having some back-ups for when they wear out.