Obsessed Garage MSS Tool Package - 1163 Pieces


This is my latest iteration of what I would deem a full set of tools using Sonic Foam Inlay system.  You still might need to purchase some specialty tools that you cannot find through Sonic, but this is as close to a complete set of you can get for MSS cabinets.  You will need a cabinet array that has 6 Empty Drawers of a 34" Wide MSS Cabinet and 14 Empty Drawers of a 26" Wide MSS Cabinets.

This specific package includes 31 different product SKUs which total 1060 individual pieces. Majority of the items included use the Sonic Tools "SFS (Sonic Foam System)" inserts which keep tools organized and looking great. This makes it easier to keep track of tools and finding what's missing. So when you see the 10mm socket is missing you can just order another. Hopefully the SFS inserts helps cut down on lost 10mm sockets.



    They will drop-ship from the Auburn, AL warehouse. Rather than building shipping into the price and leaving a fudge factor for different parts of the country, I think it's smarter to simply quote you the price it costs with no markup.

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    • I will send a separate invoice with shipping cost.

                                              Pricing and Discounts

                                              I know everyone expects a discount.  I will be selling at these prices.  These are priced correctly, and there is no room to negotiate.