Sonic Tools MSS Corner Stainless Table Top

Corner Counter Top

Sonic Tools MSS Corner Stainless Table Top

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Sonic Tools MSS Cabinets are built to an incredibly high standard and can take some serious abuse. I've had an array of these in the garage at OGHQ for five or so years, and they’re fantastic. The main thing I like about them is their compatibility with the Sonic Foam Systems. Secondly, I like that all the drawers are flush to the front of the cabinet, so you'll never snag your shirt walking by them. They go together pretty quickly. For a decent-sized array, it will probably take around 10 - 15 man-hours to assemble.

If you want to take all the guesswork out of it, just reach out to OG Design and let them do everything for you.

What you need to know

  • Easy Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty Through Sonic Tools


Weight:  50.04 lbs


  • 34.5" x 34.5" (Long Sides); 19.75" (Short Sides)
  • Height: 1.49"

x1 - Sonic Tools MSS Corner Stainless Table Top

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