Mosmatic Stainless Steel 20" Bent Wand


Trust me on this one.  There is nothing else in the world made like this thing.  It's a single piece of stainless steel with high quality hard plastic grip.

The wand is 20" long with a male 1/4" NPT (national pipe thread) inlet and female 1/4" NPT outlet.  It also comes with Mosmatic hard rubber nozzle protector.  You have two buying options:

  • Wand w/ Rubber Nozzle Protector
  • Wand w/ Quick Disconnects & Rubber Nozzle Protector
    • MTM 1/4" Stainless Female Plug
    • MTM 1/4" Stainless Male QD Coupler

The w/ Quick Disconnects options makes this quickly connect to your Mosmatic HP Spray gun and MTM Orifice Nozzle.  

*Spray Gun and Orifice Nozzle sold separately.

Warranty Information:
MTM offers a 60 day warranty for any possible defects with their products. Info about their warranty can be found Here.

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