RUPES LHR75E Mini 3" Random Orbital Polisher


The LHR75E Mini is the most powerful and efficient polisher of its size. It’s designed to bridge the gap between the Nano and the LHR15/21. Although it’s a compact tool, it still packs a 400-watt motor (compared to the full-size LHR15 and 21 at 500 watts) and a large throw of 12mm. There are other machines like this on the market, but none are as powerful, nor do they match the orbit capability. Like the original BigFoot LHR15 and 21 ES models, the larger throw (the maximum backing plate displacement from the center of the machine) equates to more work being done in each orbit. It is remarkably efficient for its size. It’s perfectly sized for door mirrors, fenders, bumpers, spoilers/wings and B-pillars among other things.

Ergonomically speaking, the LHR75E feels natural to hold and operate. As opposed to a trigger, the Mini features a simple locking on/off switch and a speed control module on the bottom of the body. The speed control module is located on the bottom of the body so that the head of the machine could be kept compact and light. Like its larger siblings, the Mini features a bumper so it can be set down without scuffing the cover.

The LHR75E Mini includes a 3-inch backing plate and can be used with 3", 3.5" and 4" pads.

These can only be shipped to the US.